U55 Series Gas (C02)/Air Driven 'Bag in Box' Syrup Pump

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Product Features

Model No.: U55 Series

  • Patented Integrated Gas Manifold: Reduces parts and labour needed to build backroom kits
  • Modular Construction: Makes it easy to configure, install and service
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Handles all syrup viscosities, including high-yield syrups

The U Series Bag-in-Box Syrup Pump, inspired by the market’smost reliable Bag-in-Box Pump platform, saves time, space and money.Its integrated, modular construction requires less material and supportsfaster assembly and installation.This air-operated pump easily handles all syrup viscosities, includinghigh-yield syrups, for run lengths up to 100 feet. The U Series is engineeredfor durability and performance. The result: better backroom dispensing at alower lifetime cost.


Designed for dispensing Bag-in-Box syrups,
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