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Product Features
  • The level indicator LI 531 has a large LCD display, providing easy-to-read on-site level readings and simplifying the installation process for the level transmitters
  • The LTU 301 offers price/performance adapted to the PSS market
  • The robust design and ultrasonic technology makes the 003S Level Switch perfect for overflow indication
  • The NF 5 Level Switch is well known and offers reliable level input, making it ideal for filling/emptying installations like drainage pump applications​


LTU 301

The LTU 301 is a pneumatic analog level sensor suited for the Flygt FGC range that you use together with the open bell system. The pressure in the open bell (installed in the sump) is transferred through the hose up to the LTU 301 (mounted on the FGC in the pump station). Inside the LTU301, the sensor element and electronics convert the pressure to a 4-20mA signal proportional to the measured level.

  • It is a simple yet effective low-cost pneumatic level sensor solution
  • Used when level measurement in PSS or small pump stations is needed

LI 531

The Flygt LI 531 is mainly a level indicator for field usage for the indication of the measured level on an LCD display on the LI 531.

The LI 531 has three main purposes:

  1. Eases on-site installation when the sump and control room are far away from each other, by delivering the measured level on the field display.
  2. Acts as a junction box when extra cable length is needed for a particular installation.
  3. Is the preferred choice when a general digital indicator of a measured value is needed. Each LI 531 comes with a sticker sheet with predefined and printed sticker values (such as m, mA, V, °F, ft, pH etc.). Each “value sticker” can be used to indicate the type of value the display is showing. The “value sticker” attaches to the front of the LI 531 in a predefined position.


  •  3½-digit easy readable LCD display
  • Delivered as a complete digital indicator in IP65 plastic cabinet
  • Supplied from 4-20 mA current signal
  • Internal calibration of zero and span with optional placing of the decimal point
  • Calibration and adjustments are done on the back of the indicator
  • Use of LI 531 does not require measuring or test equipment


NF 5

The NF 5 is the convenient level switch for filling/emptying applications like starting and stopping of drainage pumps and for the basic Flygt PSS packages (high level indication).

  • Switches on/off at +/- 45° (ref. to horiz. line)
  • Available in different versions with or without plug
  • Counterweight available as an accessory


The Flygt level switch type 003S is a solid ultrasonic switch for level detection, commonly used as an overflow sensor. 

  • Manufactured in polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) for corrosion resistance in most liquids
  • Mounts in a stainless steel (SS316) housing, acting as a counterweight to make the 003S hang straight when hanging freely in the cable
  • Designed for high- or low-level alarm duties to give a voltage-free contact or as part of a pump control system


  • Used for noise/interference protection for VFD applications
  • Allows splicing of the sensor cable (including any vent tubing) to the screened
    control leads from the RTU
  • Includes built in lightning protection (surge arrester)
  • Adds extra moisture protection of the level transmitter
  • For easy testing of the sensor setup by means of an internal power control LED
  • Provides an easy way of connecting the HART modem in the Flygt HART PC-package for LTU701 to the LTI 701 level transmitter



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