The Vietnamese government has ambitious goals for providing cleaner drinking water to its citizens. With Xylem’s ozone treatment technology now installed at a plant in Ho Chi Minh City, 1.5 million people have access to cleaner water. Learn more about how the new ozone system works.

Goals: safe drinking water and better treatment

In the southern Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh City, some 12 million people depend on the Dong Nai and Saigon rivers for a steady supply of clean water for domestic and industrial use. Despite this, the city’s main water sources are often polluted by discharge from residential areas, hospitals, factories, waterway transport vessels, farms, and even garbage dumps.

To change this, the Vietnam Development Goals were set by the government in 2010. These include the objective to provide 90 percent of the urban population with access to safe drinking water and to collect and treat 100 percent of the urban wastewater by 2020.

Cleaner water for 1.5 million people

To meet the growing demand for clean water, Saigon Water Corporation, the government body responsible for water supply services to Ho Chi Minh City, brought Xylem in to work on the expansion of the Tan Hiep Water Treatment Plant.

The plant, which draws water from the Saigon River, plays a crucial part in delivering clean water to the residents of Ho Chi Minh City. The expansion project was designed to increase the productivity of the plant, enabling it to produce 300,000 m3 of drinking water a day. The expansion benefits about 1.5 million Ho Chi Minh City residents, or 15 percent of its population.

Xylem’s sustainable ozone solution

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The solution provided by Xylem combines a Wedeco SMOevo ozone system with Effizon® evo 2G electrode technology. This system was chosen because it offers a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable treatment method that will reduce the reliance of the Tan Hiep Water Treatment Plant 2 on chlorine technology and traditional filtration.

The oxidation process directly destroys pollutants, colored substances, odor-causing compounds and microorganisms, without creating harmful chlorinated by-products or significant residues that may adversely affect health in the long run.

A customizable solution with less footprint

A major advantage of the Wedeco system is that it is highly customizable, enabling Xylem to ensure that the installed application fits the exact needs and requirements of the Tan Hiep Plant. Furthermore, the on-site installation footprint was reduced by up to 20 percent as a result of its space-saving design and the optimized arrangement of the generator vessel, pipework and electrical cabinets.

The Wedeco SMOevo ozone system achieves its unique qualities through the Effizon® evo 2G electrode technology. The Effizon® evo 2G helps the ozone system achieve a level of reliability and energy efficiency that can not be attained by most other electrode technologies.

Groundbreaking ozone project

“We see Tan Hiep as a major milestone for Vietnam, for Saigon Water Corporation, and for Xylem,” says Steve Leung, Senior Vice President Emerging Markets. “Ozone treatment is the technology of the future, and this first-of-its-kind system here will be a good reference for people to come and see and learn about it.”

The Leopold Type S Underdrain gravity media filtration system with I.M.S® 200 media retainers also plays an important part in the operation of the Tan Hiep Water Treatment Plant 2. It helps ensure uniform and continuous backwash throughout filters, enabling longer filter runs and higher backwash efficiency, more product water, and less waste, ultimately reducing the operating costs per liter of filtered water.

A reliable and trusted partner

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“It’s very important for customers to choose the right products and the right expertise,” says Truong Khac Hoanh, CEO of Saigon Water Corporation. “We need an efficient and cost-effective solution, as well as a reliable and trusted partner. Xylem has a longstanding relationship with Saigon Water Corporation, and has exactly what we need to carry this forward.”

As part of its ongoing relationship with Saigon Water Corporation, Xylem is providing continuous support through regular on-the-ground training sessions for service engineers and staff.

“We’re not just selling them the technology, but also providing them the support that they need everyday,” says Leung.

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