The power of data using MAS 801

OY Water

Ramla-Lod, Israel


O.Y. Water Engineering Ltd is the importer and distributor in Israel of FLYGT's top quality, reliable products for more than 25 years.‚Äč

O.Y Water’s employees are consistently participating in Xylem’s professional trainings and for three decacdes, they are the people who are recognized with the FLYGT brand in Israel.

Matan Israeli is the Sales Manager at O.Y Water Engineering ltd. and is the son of Ofer, which together with RamiPicture1.jpg Kertis, established O.Y. Water Engineering Ltd in 1993. In addition to the role in sales and projects, Matan is regularly trying to learn and adapt to Xylem’s innovative new technologies and to implement them in the projects and challenges they face on a daily basis.

The customer “Water Association T.M.R” take care of the municipalities of Ramla, Gedera, Kiryat Malakhi and Bnei Ayish in Israel. Pump stations of T.M.R are spread in these municipalities with five pump stations that have 85+ kW pumps.


Owned and operated by the Water Association T.M.R, a pump station located in the Ramla industrial zone had old competitor pumps. The old pumps in this pump station where clogging on a weekly basis and the maintenance company had to deal with tough clogging that were taking hours and demanded a lot of labor and effort. The maintenance people who were familiar with Flygt pumps and especially with the N-impeller, demanded to choose Flygt  pumps to provide them a more reliable clog free pump station.

The pump station was to be upgraded and O.Y. Water was able to sell 3 pumps type NT-3312 with 250kW motors.

The tender was asking for a high level of pump monitoring with many pump sensors and O.Y. Water knew they had to offer the MAS 711. The execusion of the tender was almost a year after the training week where O.Y. Water had learnt for the first time about the new MAS 801 system and its advanteges and its easy integration and friendly userPicture2.jpg interface. They kept that in mind and after they asked Xylem engineers for installing MAS 801 in a demo station,O.Y Water got accepted to be among the first in the world to provide the new MAS 801 system with new Flygt pumps. The three NT-3312 FLYGT pumps were installed one by one, and before the installation of the second pump was done, the old competitor pumps where burned and totally clogged. This happened on a weekend and before a holiday.

The electric cabinet was very old and O.Y. Water had to collaborate with the contractor’s electricians on how to wire and install the units. The entire pump station was relying on the Flygt pumps since the old competitor pumps where not functioning at all.


Picture4.pngUsing the data of the MAS 801, O.Y. Water were able to do pump diagnostics and create an analysis that tell how many pump starts there is, durations, duty etc. All led to important conclusions about a better way to operate the pump station, to save energy and to keep the pumps working according the recommendations.


The municipality appreciation of the work O.Y. Water does has sky-rocketed and their perception regarding the level of innovation and reliability of FLYGT has improved drastically. Everybody that was involved mentioned that FLYGT pumps are keeping their leadership with the N-type impellers and also with top of the line updated monitor and control solutions that really fit the needs of this IT era.


“We are overwhelmed by the amount of data that you gave us, thanks to you, we avoided a flooding of the pump station and with that, high fees from the government for polluting the environment with sewage.

Thanks to the new MAS 801 system you have sent us, a pump operation analysis was done  which allowed us to take actions and adjust the opertation levels with less pump operation (unneeded multiple starts) and thereby saving energy. We have been able to optimyze the pump running with longer intervalls between pumps starts and longer but measured operation time exaclty based on the best effieceny point of the pumps.”

Semion, Operation Manager, Water association of T.M.R in the municipality of Ramla, Israel.