Agriculture Products & Irrigation Systems

Irrigation and Agriculture Solutions for Your Soil, Crops and Livestock

As a member of an industry that uses 70% of the world’s water resources, you understand that quality, delivery and management of water are critical to your success. Your bottom line depends on it and so do the health and well-being of people around the world.

That’s why agriculturalists and producers rely on Xylem’s irrigation products and solutions to supply water, treat wastewater and analyze, even under the most challenging conditions. ‚Äč

Irrigation Products

Our pumps, mixers and other water handling systems are designed to irrigate every part of your field; products that stand tough in the harshest environments. We listen, learn and adapt to your local environment, helping your agricultural operations thrive wherever you are in the world.

Small Farms Water & Pumping Solutions
Agriculture & Irrigation Small Farms Water & Pumping Solutions
Livestock & Poultry
Agriculture & Irrigation Livestock & Poultry
Crop Irrigation & Watering Systems
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