RFM900 Series RFM990-AUS Digital Benchtop Refractometer

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The Bellingham & Stanley RFM990-AUS32 is an extremely high accuracy refractometer specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of the chemical manufacturing industry. Of particular interest is its compliance with the strictest of ISO procedures in relation to the manufacture of urea-based NOx reduction agents used as Diesel Exhaust Fluids, also known as DEF, AUS32 and AdBlue®.

Product Features
  • Widest RI range
  • Highest precision (±0.000005 RI)
  • MEAN Method (USP/EP/BP)
  • All RFM900s conform to ASTM D 1218, 1747, 2140 & 5006
  • Petrochemical model
  • Premium performance
  • Conforms to ISO 22241
  • AUS32 Method (input criteria)

ISO 22241 dictates the highest level of measurement must be achieved under the tightest limits of temperature control. In addition to the compliance with this norm, the RFM990-AUS32 is fitted with specific Urea scales and temperature compensation as well as an AUS32 Method that allows input of both the F factor and biuret content of the solution that is included in the analysis.

Being part of the RFM900 series of refractometers, users of the RFM990-AUS32 also benefit from common features such as RFID user identity/clearance, on-board data storage, limit checking and audit trails.

No matter how good the instrument performance, without good verification it is not possible to confirm the instrument meets the specification laid down in ISO 22241. Bellingham + Stanley offer a UKAS Certified Reference Material for this purpose at the equivalent RI value of Urea stated in the norm.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools