SenTix® Precision pH Electrodes with Temperature Sensor

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SenTix® 81, 82, 91: Precision electrodes with liquid electrolyte and built-in temperature sensors for lab pH measurement

  • Excellent electrolyte flow without clogging by platinum wire junction
  • Automatic temperature compensation with built-in temperature sensor
  • Optimum results thanks high quality membrane glass

SenTix® 81/82 and SenTix® 91 pH electrodes (shaft length 170 mm) with 3 mol/l KCl electrolyte are designed with an easy to clean glass shaft and platinum wire junction. The electrodes are also well-suited for difficult samples. For temperature compensation a built-in NTC 30 kOhm temperature sensor is used. For this SenTix® series different connection are available.

SenTix® 81: 1 m fixed cable with DIN plug and 4 mm banana plug (SKU: 103642)
SenTix® 82: 1 m fixed cable with BNC plug and 4 mm banana plug (SKU: 103643)
SenTix® 91: 1 m fixed cable with DIN plug and 4 mm banana plug (SKU: 103695)


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools