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Product Features
  • Extra heavy duty white sanitary hose is manufactured for Jabsco by America‘s market leader in sanitation hose.
  • Specially compounded to resist odour permeation.
  • Lower cost, higher quality.
  • Smooth white vinyl.
  • Hard PVC helix for good flexibility and bend radius.
  • FDA approved for potable (i.e. drinking) water.
  • Ideal for unpressurised freshwater tank filling and ventilation hose lines.
  • Can be used for bilge and general purpose applications where appearance is important.
  • Available in 3 sizes for manual toilet discharge, electric toilet discharge, and matching inlet pipework.

Model No.: 29135-Series

29135-0001 Toilet Hose
Weight 9 (kg)
42 (lb)
Diameter   3.8 (cms)
1.5 (inches)  
Coil 30
29135-1000 Toilet Hose
Weight 10 (kg)
22 (lb)
Dimensions 1.9 (cms)
Diameter   0.75 (inches)
Coil 30
29135-1011 Toilet Hose
Weight 12.5 (kg)
28 (lb)
Diameter   2.5 (cms)
1 (inches)  
Coil 30


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