Expert Series MJK Expert™ 3400D Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

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Perfect for aquaculture, drinking and waste water facilities

MJK Expert™ 3400D Hydrostatic Level Transmitter is designed with no sharp edges preventing particles from sticking to the house or membrane. The build-in ModBus protocol allows read-out and calibration while the device is operating. It’s very simple and can be handled from your laptop. Expert 3400D matches the ambitious demands for measurement and stability held by aqua culture. But the digital level transmitter is also an obvious solution for drinking and waste water facilities. 

The transmitter is created to provide a long life-time and exact measurement year after year. Expert 3400D is a perfect match for Chatter data logger to monitor nature, sewage overflow or or other important logging assignments.

Product Features
  • Ceramic diaphragm 99,9% AL2O3, PPS glass reinforced body, RS-485 ModBus
  • Surge resistance
  • Accuracy better than ± 0.1 % and long term stability 0.1 % per year
  • Field zero offset calibration
  • PUR cable with steel braiding for high tensile strength
  • Expert Link programming software (PC-Interface required)

Waste Water

The environment in the tanks in waste water plants will often provide very fast wear and tear on pressure transmitters. But the Expert 3400D is designed for long life and a minimum of ongoing maintenance.

The Ceramic capacitive sensor will provide long life and very stable measurements.

The Modbus output signal allows the sensor to be directly connected to e.g. a front-end PLC. It provides extremely high precision on the measured values, simply by not having any loss or inaccuracy from converting the measured values from a digital to an analog signal and back.

Expert 3400D is UL-ATEX approved for usage in explosive hazardous areas. This will often allow the transmitter to work in waste water tanks or wells that are not constantly vented.

Expert 3400D is designed with no sharp edges, preventing particles or elements from the measured waste water to stick to the house.

The steel shielded PUR insulated cable provides a significant tensile strength. This is important as long term submerged items can risk having sludge or other elements settling in the pipe holding the transmitter.

The PPS material provides the body long lifetime even in environments containing aggressive chemicals, even ferric chloride.

Aqua Culture

Expert 3400D is developed by MJK in collaboration with one of the largest Aqua Culture companies in the world. The quest was clear – can you provide the well-proven quality of the 3400 but with ModBus signal.

The built-in Modbus communication allows the sensors to be connected to a network communicating directly with the front end interface. This reduces the investments compared to conventional signal installations.

This extremely stable device is easily adjusted on zero point as well as the measuring range for individual purposes. These adjustments can be handled on-site.

The PPS (Ryton) material provides the body with a long lifetime and the ceramic capacitive sensor will provide long life and very stable measurements. The measuring accuracy is +/- 0.1%.

This is the perfect solution if you want steady, trustworthy measurement, even when submerged in salt water.



Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools