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Sailbuoy — Autonomous Surface Vehicle

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The Sailbuoy is a long endurance, wind driven Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV). This low cost ASV solves the problem of collecting upper ocean current measurements and other oceanographic data in remote areas. 

Product Features
  • Upper ocean current measurements in remote areas
  • Oxygen monitored with world-leading Aanderaa Oxygen Optode complete with multi-point calibration for 1.5% accuracy
  • Conductivity, temperature, turbidity, and chlorophyll smart sensors can be mounted as needed
  • Totally self sustained by battery pack
  • Wind driven propulsion, solar powered instrumentation
  • Deployments and retrieval by untrained personnel possible
  • Lot total cost of ownership

The Aanderaa Sailbuoy is developed by Offshore Sensing As and equipped with Aanderaa Smart Sensor Suite for ocean monitoring. This makes it possible to collect ocean data in areas previously only reached by large research vessels at a significant cost. The field-proven Sailbuoy has collected data close to the ice edge, in the Antarctic and has crossed the Atlantic as the first unmanned vessel ever. It can be utilized in a wide variety of measuring and monitoring applications.

Data is sent in real-time to shore. The user can follow and update tracks of the vessel in real-time from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Sampling intervals can be modified and the vessel directed to areas of interest based on the data received. When the data collection is done, the vessel can be directed to shore and picked up with a small vessel.

Unlike many other ASV, Sailbuoy deployments can be done by untrained personnel. To pilot the vessels, a training class is provided. Beyond data transmission, there are no yearly expenses for operating the Sailbuoy. This makes the Sailbuoy the lowest cost Ocean capable ASV in the market.

Available sensors in the Aanderaa suite:

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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