• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Xylem

    We recognize the power of diversity, equity and inclusion in driving innovation and allowing us to compete more effectively around the world.

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Xylem is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status or other characteristics protected by law.

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Our DEI Vision

We are committed to creating an organization of diversity, equity and inclusion, where everyone feels involved, respected, valued and connected, and where everyone feels inspired to innovate, empowered to lead, and accountable to deliver as their authentic selves at work.

Xylem Employee Networks

Xylem Employee Network Groups connect and engage employees across the company to exchange ideas, gain valuable skills, and share resources. These internal, self-governed groups enhance professional development, enrich company culture, and support business strategies in the areas of recruitment, retention, community involvement, and customer relationships.

Emerging Leaders Network

The Xylem Emerging Leaders Network is an internal, self-governed professional network for early to mid-career professionals to develop the skills, knowledge and professional network to be successful within Xylem and the markets we operate in.

LGBT+ and Allies Network

Xylem LGBT+ Allies Network creates a community for Xylem LGBT+ employees and allies, supports our business goals by leveraging the talents of LGBT+ employees and establishes Xylem as an employer of choice for LGBT+ talent.

Maji Network

The Xylem Maji Network's mission is to foster the inclusion, visibility and advancement of Black employees at Xylem and to champion issues of racial injustice that impact our communities.

Veterans Network

Xylem Veterans Network connects employees who are veterans of any military service and family members associated with the military to engage and discuss issues related to veterans, to network, learn, share, innovate and grow within the organization.

Women's Network

Xylem Women's Network exists to advance the professional development and impact of women at Xylem by providing a supportive network to exchange ideas, facilitate learning opportunities, advocate for equality of opportunity, and unlock leadership potential.

Working Parents Network

Xylem Working Parents Network welcomes our working parents to connect, share, celebrate, support and help each other navigate the work-life struggles of being a working parent. 

Hispanic Origin and Latin Affinity (HOLA) Network

The Xylem HOLA represents all Hispanic and Latin American colleagues across the world to share cultural heritage, support the community and foster professional growth at Xylem.

Non-Native English Speakers and Allies Network

Xylem Non-Native English Speakers and Allies Network promotes a culture where non-native English speakers are included, are confident to contribute and know that their career progression will depend on the work they do - not just the quality of their English language skills.

External Recognition & Commitments