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Flojet N5000 Gas (C02)/Air Driven Pump

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Product Features
  • Compact design with quick disconnect fittings for simple, quick installation.
  • Shuts off automatically when bag is empty and restarts when a full bag is connected.
  • High altitude auto shut-off also available.
  • Fully automatic, operates only when beverage is being dispensed.
  • 1/4" barbed, CO 2 exhaust port connection for venting away from confined areas.
  • Maintains constant pressure at the dispensing valve.
  • High suction capability empties the bag down to a minimum residual.
  • Service life up to 40,000 gallons (150,000 L).

Designed for dispensing Bag-in-Box syrups, juice concentrate (without pulp or particulate), teas, wines, draft beers and liquor.

Supplies the following from remote location: four (4) 3.0 oz. valves (Each valve dispenses syrup at 0.5 oz./sec.) or two (2) 4.5 oz. valves (Each valve dispenses syrup at 0.75 oz./sec.)

Model Numbers 

  • N5000-130
  • N5000-135 
  • N5000-140
  • N5000-145 
  • N5000-146 
  • N5000-149 
  • N5000-153 
  • N5000-158 
  • N5000-163 
  • N5000-165 
  • N5000-166 
  • N5000-167 
  • N5000-200A 
  • N5000-210A 
  • N5000-220A 
  • N5000-226 
  • N5000-230A 
  • N5000-240A 
  • N5000-280A 
  • N5000-515
  • N5000-519 
  • N5000-526 
  • N5000-562 
  • N5000-567 
  • N5000-568 
  • N5000-573


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Industries & Applications

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Documentation & Tools

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