Contingency Planning

Hurricanes, floods and power outages happen, and when they do they can have a devastating impact on your operations.

What’s a Contingency Plan?

A Contingency Plan is a multi-page document that lists:
• Equipment your community needs to keep your operations up and running
• 24/7 contact info for your Xylem Emergency Team
• Site conditions and access information
• Directions to your location

Sure, it sounds simple, but it’s an incredibly important document that reduces stress and ensures you get the equipment you need when you’ll need it the most before an emergency arises.

Download a Sample Contingency Plan

A Plan Made for You

Xylem has helped thousands of companies and communities prepare, protect and minimize damage from devastating events. Let one of our pump experts help you create a personalized Contingency Plan that identifies the right strategies, rental equipment and resources for your operations. Meet one-on-one with a rental specialist who will tailor a plan to match where you are on the map with the right equipment and what you want to protect.

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