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MIPEG Aanderaa The Mipeg X – Operator's Display



Product Features

The standard display is:

  • 15" full graphic, color touch screen display (415x290x110 mm - 16x11x4")
  • Programmed for portrait viewing
  • Pan and tilt adjustments through the VESA 200x200 bracket
  • Extreme brightness: 1000 cd/m2 reducing glare and reflection
  • Touch screen using analog resistive technology, reducing "false operations". This technology will allow the operator to use gloves
  • Operating temperature, -20 to +50 oC ( -4 to + 122 oF)
  • 3rd party approved: ingress protection IP66 (NEMA 4X), IECEx and Atex zone 2 certified

The Mipeg X system uses a graphical color, touch screen display. The unit is programmed and operates as a highly flexible and expandable unit.

The unit is a 5-displays-in-1, as the operator can configure it to show:

  1. The Safe Load Indicator (SLI) features also referred to as Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) or Load Moment Indicator (LML) showing Hook Load, operating Radius, Safe Working Load (SWL), Lift/Sea Condition, Crane rigging etc.
  2. Safe Reach Indicator, showing how far you may safely boom down to see if the set down area is within your boom reach
  3. Slew Operation Limit Monitor, mapping the critical deck area and showing available deck space
  4. Hook Position, giving the visual position of the hook and critical limits
  5. Wind Speed and Direction, showing the wind speed and direction relative to the boom

Details of the various display features and parts are described elsewhere on this web page.