New energy-efficient wastewater solutions

New energy-efficient wastewater solutions

Xylem recently launched a number of energy-saving Flygt and Wedeco products that can help customers lower costs and get an overview of their energy use.


The Flygt APP 800 pump and process controller, designed to control water and wastewater transport systems, helps customers to have a better overview of the cost of their pumping operations by showing the volume of liquid that’s being pumped and the amount of energy being consumed to pump that liquid. This enables users to know where their critical focus should be on improving energy consumption. Click here for a PDF brochure.


The new midsized Flygt 4530 mixer for biological wastewater treatment applications uses up to 50 percent less energy than compact mixers, which can save customers up to $5,000 (€4,000) on their energy bill per year per mixer installed. Its rigid propeller, with a thin-section design that incorporates generous backsweep and doublecurvature, is built for the best in efficiency and dependability. Read more about the mixer here.


Xylem’s new Wedeco Duron open-channel ultraviolet disinfection system treats wastewater using a minimum of energy, due to the use of Xylem’s powerful and highly energy-efficient Ecoray lamps and ballasts. It also requires less space than other UV systems due to its small size. Watch a video about Wedeco Duron here.

by Simon