Water Warriors Mini Series: Who Are the Water Warriors? 

The Goulds Water Technology professional dealers.

Men and women whose knowledge and expertise in solving water and wastewater challenges for the home has been handed down from generation to generation. These folks devote their entire careers to ensuring that families in need are tended to and provided for. The WATER WARRIORS show celebrates the heart of the Goulds Water Technology professional dealer…one that is devoted to Solving Water.

Three-Part Mini-Series

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Over 2 million Americans living in rural communities do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. In partnership with the Chris Long Foundation and the Water Well Trust, Goulds Water Technology and its WATER WARRIORS are committed to fighting this crisis one deserving family at a time. 

Learn more about the water crisis in rural America and how you can help


Xylem Watermark, Xylem’s social responsibility program, will match all donations – click on this link to support struggling American families.

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The Goulds Water Technology Legacy…Ask For Us

Confidence Comes in BLUE. 

Why? Because we are the pioneers. The ones that came up with the solutions that no one else thought of. The ones whose 175-year-plus history cannot be matched in the industry. We are the standard against which others measure themselves. The ones that can boast of products that have lasted through generations. You can rely on us. You can count on us. You can be confident in us being the best providers of water and wastewater solutions for your home. 

So, when you contact our WATER WARRIORS, ask for us by name. 

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