When Disasters Strike, it's All Hands on Deck

When Disasters Strike, it's All Hands on Deck

I remember personally delivering and helping install pumps along the Eastern Seaboard following Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Pumps were needed immediately, so we got the entire team engaged in supporting our customers. And we continue to do the same 20 years later. 

While we can't avoid disasters and emergencies, we can prepare for them. I'd like you to think about three things as we enter hurricane season:

1. People - There are a lot of moving parts that go into preparing for a big storm. It takes more than just equipment to combat rising floodwaters. People are needed to specify, deliver, install, and service the dewatering pumps and equipment.  

Xylem Rental Solutions is ready to help. When extreme weather is forecasted, we move a group of pump experts to areas of concern so our local team is capable of responding when a catastrophic event occurs. Ready for immediate deployment throughout North America, our experts can provide application engineering, pipe fusion services, operate machinery, and install and service pumps on site.

2. Have a Plan - Having a contingency plan in place ahead of the storm will help you resume operations as quickly as possible. Xylem can help you set up a plan by looking at potential locations where water can build up and determining which Flygt and Godwin rental pumps will remove it quickly. 

3. Speed
 - With natural disasters, quickness, experience and quality are important to ensure continuity of your operations. Not only do you need the equipment immediately, but you also need confidence it will perform as expected. 

Hurricanes and other natural disasters are regional. With Xylem's nationwide locations, we are able to transfer equipment from an unaffected region of the country to the impacted area quickly and easily. 

Take some time to think about how prepared you are for hurricane season. The National Weather Service provides several tools to help you stay on top of the weather. You can also learn more about how Xylem Rental Solutions can help you be ready no matter what weather comes your way.  


by Michael J. Delzingaro