Sticking with Innovation That Works


Mike Heppner, the Waterworks Department Head and Manager, oversees all aspects of water and wastewater for the city. Heppner states, “The first part of our upgrade was to the wastewater system, which includes five remote sewage lift stations, one lagoon blower building, and six controllers, with one main terminal receiving all data and compiling it on a central PC located in the office.”

There was only one issue with Steinbach’s current system: age. It had been operating since 1993, an eternity in the world of technology.

Because the wastewater department was already familiar with operating the existing Xylem/Flygt M&C SCADA system with Aquaview software and APP controllers, they decided to inquire what new technologies the company could offer. Steinbach contacted the manufacturer through its Winnipeg Branch to inquire about the possibility of completely upgrading their Aquaview SCADA system throughout the department with the latest technology. With help from the firm’s Monitoring & Control Support Department (Charlotte, NC), the existing system was assessed and an upgrade quotation was presented to the city.

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