Flygt pumps reduce energy cost by 31 percent thanks to N-Technology


In the spring of 2012, a sewage lift station in the City of Bathurst was requiring monthly servicing to pull the pumps and remove thick fibrous clogs. Although the city’s utility had a service truck with a lift, each service call required the rental of a boom truck due to the weight of the pumps undergoing maintenance.

The Flygt N-Pump with TotalCare Services Xylem proposed the Flygt N-technology N-3171 pump (435MT 25HP) to replace the existing competitor’s 20 HP submersible sewage pumps that were in service for a little over a year. Advantages of Flygt N-technology pumps include clogfree pumping, an innovative self-cleaning impeller and a flexible and modular design, which ensures sustained efficiency. Flygt N-pumps are also backed by Xylem TotalCare services for secure operations.

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