Flygt Indoor Packaged Pump Stations

For waste and wash water from households and commercial buildings


Flygt indoor Packaged Pump Stations are prefabricated and available in a variety of different designs and sizes. They are complete upon arrival with the necessary materials and equipment to allow ease, speed of installation and start-up.


Flygt Packaged Pump Stations use a simple design concept that is ideal for fast installation inside buildings. 


Flygt indoor pump stations are the ideal solution when domestic or commercial wastewater has to be pumped to sewers located at a higher elevation or where gravity discharge is not possible. 

The pump stations are available in different sizes and can be installed above or below floor level. Flygt Indoor pump stations are delivered pre-assembled with inlet and discharge piping prepared for quick connections. 

  • Prepared connections for inlet pipe, discharge pipe and power supply
  • Simplified installation of pipes, everything is grouped together at the same location
  • Rubber sealed cover 
  • Reliable closure without risk of odorTank with carrying handle and pictograms 
  • Easy handling and direct visual guidance for various connections

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Renowned for 
reliable non-clogging operation, Flygt pumps are the revolutionary hydraulic heart of the pumping station. Choose capacity and pump from the Flygt grinder pumps to self-cleaning Flygt N-pumps range. Every Flygt pump is tested in the factory to ensure high performance and premium quality.

  • Clog-free and self-cleaning performance
  • Minimized unplanned maintenance costs
  • Sustained high efficiency reduces energy costs by 25 %



Flygt controllers are available for the whole range of pump stations, from the smallest pressurized pump station to the more complex wastewater pump station or treatment process. They are designed to make the pumps work at their most efficient, provide you with relevant data, and avoid pump breakdown. The Flygt controller's have powerful unique features dedicated for wastewater built-in as standard.This means you will reduce energy consumption and save maintenance costs. With a Flygt pump controller you are maximizing the potential of your pump station.