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Product Features
  • Xylem Edge Control is an off-the shelf suite of digital solutions to help conventional activated sludge plants (CAS) control processes, save energy, reduce costs, and minimize chemical usage.
  • This suite of products includes: Pulsed Aeration, Ammonia Removal and  Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal. These solutions can help you maintain nutrient discharge limit compliance while providing digital security through the Xylem Gateway. 
  • Xylem Edge Control is PLC-agnostic and can operate under various communications protocols using your existing hardware (sensors and probes).
  • Xylem Edge Control is available as a stand-alone process or with a dashboard requiring cloud connectivity. When connected via the cloud, Xylem Edge Control provides data visualization such as calculated energy savings, real-time data trending, reports as well as alerts and alarms via e-mail.

With decades of experience and deep, expansive knowledge of all aspects of bioprocessing, the Xylem team has designed and built complex bioprocess solutions for customers around the world. Xylem Edge Control represents the latest in our list of successful solutions to improve outcomes, maximize CAS plant efficiency and save energy.

Xylem Edge Control Pulsed Aeration

A digital solution designed to achieve proper aeration. By providing bursts or pulses of air based on real time dissolved oxygen (D.O.) readings, it regulates mixing to ensure proper D.O. levels. This solution is designed to control aeration assets, such as blowers and modulating valves.

With Pulsed Aeration, CAS plants can improve the quality of their bioprocess and realizeenergy savings of 25% by:

  • Providing greater flexibility in the aeration process
  • Consistently providing only the needed oxygen for the biology under varying conditions
  • Keeping particles mixed and in suspension
  • Improving nutrient removal by limiting the amount of excess dissolved oxygen recycled to anoxic zones
  • Ramping up and turning down the airflow (avoiding on/off operations) to keep other plant assets (blowers and valves) healthy.

Download Pulsed Aeration Data Sheet

Xylem Edge Control Ammonia Removal

Ideal for plants with an ammonia limit while also serving the need to save energy and other means of OpEx reduction. Ammonia Removal uses an advanced algorithm to match various load conditions, resulting in consistent ammonia removal and a stable biological process.  In addition to accurately achieving ideal ammonia concentrations, Ammonia Removal can conserve energy even further by creating instances of simultaneous nitrification-denitrification (SNDN) under various conditions. An SNDN process can result in reduced usage of organic carbon (mitigating the need for carbon dosing) while retaining alkalinity.

What can you expect from Ammonia Removal?

  • Accurately meet ammonia permits
  • Reduced TN concentrations
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Improved nutrient removal
  • A better overall bioprocess

Download Ammonia Removal Data Sheet

Xylem Edge Control Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal

Enables the AvN® wastewater treatment process to help optimize total nitrogen (TN) and ammonia removal while reducing overall energy use. The AvN® process in conjunction with simultaneous nitrification-denitrification (SNDN) can trigger a biological phenomenon unlike anything the industry has seen. An SNDN environment reduces OpEx through lower aeration (blower power) and maximizes use of organic carbon (reducing the need for carbon dosing), while retaining alkalinity. Under SNDN, the patented AvN® process can create a biological shortcut that expedites the denitrification process. This can result in energy savings and reduction in carbon.

What can you expect from Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal?

  • Achieve TN and ammonia limits at lowest possible energy costs
  • Reduced alkalinity, carbon and energy usage
  • Minimal adjustment to your plant’s existing footprint
  • Aeration savings of 25% or more

Download Ammonia + Nitrogen Removal Data Sheet

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