Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimizer

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Product Features
  • Real-time wastewater process measurement and control system

  • Aeration control, nutrient control, and biomass control

  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) and remote accessibility

  • Maintained and stabilized effluent quality while eliminating excessive energy consumption

  • Assembled, programmed and tested hardware and software prior to shipping

  • Extended warranties and process guarantees

  • Advanced plug and play sensors from WTW and YSI

What can OSCAR do?

The Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimizer is a customizable, integrated biological process control software and hardware system that’s used with Xylem’s treatment equipment to help a plant meet their desired performance and operating budget. The OSCAR system is the operator’s helper, providing:

  • Efficient operation by dynamically adapting to changing conditions to optimize contaminant removal for guaranteed effluent quality

  • Reliable treatment to help optimize equipment operation resulting in energy savings and reduced chemical consumption

  • Operator friendly intuitive user interface and remote accessibility, combined with the transparency of real-time monitoring and electronic help features built right into the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

OSCAR knows how to help plants achieve their treatment goals.

The Sanitaire OSCAR system comes standard with a control panel including PLC and HMI, aeration controller, and service. Additional customizable hardware and software components and services are available. See our System Components tab for more information and learn more about what some of the options below can do for you.

When it comes to hardware:

  • OSCAR knows reliable controls. All control panels are programmed and tested prior to shipment, using state of the art components that are well known throughout the industry.

  • OSCAR knows security. To ensure peace of mind when accessing your control system remotely, the OSCAR system uses a highly rated EWON webport.

  • OSCAR knows electronic help features. The HMI includes alarm management and troubleshooting, process trending, maintenance alerts and O&M manuals all accessible directly in the GUI and available remotely, giving operators the tools needed to successfully and efficiently operate their wastewater treatment plant.

  • OSCAR knows instrumentation. The OSCAR system uses the most advanced Xylem brand sensors from WTW YSI and MJK for reliable monitoring.

When it comes to software:

  • OSCAR knows biomass control. The optional SIMS controller monitors and controls sludge wasting to maintain a stable biomass resulting in consistent settling characteristics, energy optimization and reliable, high-quality effluent.

  • OSCAR knows nutrient control. The optional nutrient controllers (ammonia control, nitrate control, phosphorus control, and/or NURO control) measure actual effluent nutrient concentrations to optimize aerobic, anoxic and/or anaerobic conditions as required to meet permit, resulting in energy savings of 20% or more.

  • OSCAR knows aeration control. The standard aeration controller adjusts blower and valve operation of the aeration system to stably maintain the required dissolved oxygen concentration, resulting in minimum energy consumption.

When it comes to service:

Each OSCAR system is engineered to order to meet project specific needs and all panels are tested prior to shipment. At Xylem, our biological process experts works with consulting engineers, end users, contractors and system integrators to ensure proper design of the entire wastewater treatment plant.

System Components

System Components

Control Panel (Hardware)

A process control panel comes standard with any OSCAR system.  The control panel includes a control cabinet, PLC, HMI, Webport, HOA switches, and pilot lights.  

Power Supply (Hardware)

Power equipment such as motor starters, variable frequency drives and motor control centers may be provided based on equipment requirements. Power components can be provided as panel mount, wall mount, and/or housed in a motor control center.

Instrumentation (Hardware)

Process and liquid instrumentation is included as required to support monitoring and/or controller features.

Process Controllers (Software)

Aeration control comes standard with any OSCAR system. Additionally, with all ICEAS solutions, basic ICEAS control is included. The following process controllers can also be provided based on specific plant needs:

  • Pressure/MOV Control
  • Ammonia Control
  • NURO Control for ICEAS
  • SIMS Biomass Control
  • Nitrate Control
  • Chemical Feed Phosphorus Control

Safety Nets (Software)

Process and instrumentation safety nets are included as needed based on the selected process controllers. Safety nets detect sensor or process issues, and if critical, automatically switch to safe mode of operation. 

Monitoring (Software)

Process and liquid monitoring included as requested on the HMI. 

Customer Remote Access & Control (Software)

Secure remote access can be provided upon request for both in-plant and out-of-plant, allowing for both visibility and control. 

Project Support (Service)

Xylem provides support through the life of the project including proposal phase, submittal phase, and execution phase.  Services include:

  • Submittal and O&M Documentation
  • Commissioning & Startup
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Process Training

Xylem Remote Access & Support (Service)

Xylem provides 24/7 remote telephone support, including remote access for troubleshooting, technical support and program changes. 



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