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  • Digital readings on diffuser pressure and airflow
  • Monitor diffuser health on up to 9 aeration grids


Product Features
  • Get continuous monitor pressure readings and trends on a user-friendly color HMI
  • Digital readings provide operators with trends and insights on the health of the diffusers
  • Pressure readings from multiple grids can be tracked from a single DPM controller and HMI
  • Historical data can easily be exported
  • DPM automatically calculates the annual energy savings if diffuser cleaning is required
  • Plan ahead for capital spending as the DPM will display the ROI associated with diffuser replacement based on the fouling
  • Knowing when to perform diffuser cleaning and remove fouling increases oxygen transfer efficiency which leads to reduced operating aeration costs

The Digital Pressure Monitor (DPM) measures diffuser health by calculating diffuser fouling. The DPM system monitors diffuser pressure and displays user-friendly and actionable data on a color HMI. Operators can easily review the potential energy savings and return-on-investment if the diffusers were cleaned or replaced.

With a proven history of reliability, the DPM controller and HMI are based on the existing Xylem IQ SensorNet platform that has been installed in thousands of plants. Multiple installation options are available and DPM can be installed into new or existing aeration tanks. Xylem provides diffuser cleaning services to reduce aeration energy costs and maintenance time.

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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