Leopold Oxelia system for Reuse or Sensitive Waters

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Product Features
  • Promotes beneficial reuse of wastewater – ideal for agricultural applications, meeting organic requirements.  Converts wastewater into a valuable asset.
  • Enables discharge into environmentally sensitive waters, enhancing receiving stream water quality.
  • Multi-barrier solution for wastewater treatment, to disinfect and destroy organic "contaminants of emerging concern", including pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and personal care residuals.
  • Integrated control system incorporating multiple feedback loops with the best online sensors, to ensure process objectives are achieved at the highest possible water efficiency and the lowest costs.

  • Maximizes reuse water production and minimizes backwash production.  Backwash does not require special treatment, and can be treated along with other solids streams or recycled to the head of the plant.

  • Improves the efficiency of downstream processes, particularly membrane filtration processes and UV disinfection.

  • Lower capital cost than many other advanced treatment systems.

Destroy tough contaminants and pathogens with powerful oxidation enhanced biofiltration

Using strong oxidation to break the bonds of recalcitrant organics, Oxelia destroys their dangerous chemical properties and converts them into biodegradable organics.  Naturally occurring microorganisms in the biologically active carbon filter consume these partially oxidized organics, totally removing them from the wastewater stream. 

To determine the best oxidation process for your treatment, Oxelia experts evaluate the contaminants to be removed, the upstream and downstream processes, and additional treatment objectives or regulatory requirements.  The oxidation process may use ozone alone, or an Advance Oxidation Process (AOP) utilizing peroxide with ozone or UV radiation to produce hydroxyl radicals, extremely powerful oxidants. 

Contaminants effectively destroyed include:

  • Endocrine disrupting compounds, both in pharmaceutical residuals and in personal care products
  • Other pharmaceuticals and over the counter medications
  • Pesticides, herbicides and other organic compounds
  • Industrial chemicals such as NDMA, MTBE and 1,4 dioxane

Oxelia produces wastewater that is safe for reuse applications or for discharge into environmentally sensitive waters. 

Optimized performance that is safe and efficient – quality and compliance guaranteed

Using state of the art online sensors, Oxelia monitors influent organic concentrations, oxidation dosage, filter function, and effluent water quality.  Integrated analytics and feedback control provide real-time adjustment of chemical or UV dosage, responding to fluctuations in water quality or flow rate, for optimal efficiency.  The optimal design customized for your treatment objectives, combined with optimized control ensures the lowest life cycle costs for your operations. 

Xylem experts can determine the best fit technology, using bench testing to pilot testing, evaluating your system and discharge requirements for  a custom fit.  This custom fit approach allows Xylem to offer a process guarantee, that Oxelia will achieve reuse water quality requirements or effluent compliance objectives.

Put Oxelia to the test.  Let's use wastewater wisely. Let's Solve Water.



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Industries & Applications

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