Sanitaire Vorelodos Aerobic Digester

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Product Features
  • Sanitaire Silver Series II LP fine bubble aeration able to handle wide air flow ranges with minimal pressure loss
  • Sanitaire OSCAR process performance optimizer with DINO nutrient controller
  • Sanitaire decanters with automated control
  • Flygt submersible mixers with integrated variable speed drive
  • Flygt submersible pumps with self-cleaning, non-clog impellers
  • YSI/WTW IQ SensorNet process instrumentation with connection of up to 20 sensors

Rethink your biosolids management strategy 

Often times the biosolids management portion of the treatment plant may not be optimized, resulting in inefficient operation of the entire treatment plant. For instance, did you know that aerobic digestion is the second largest consumer of energy after biological treatment aeration at a wastewater treatment plant? Or, do you realize that up to 50% of the nutrient loading on any given day may be coming from the biosolids process?

Consider a complete solution for your aerobic digester. Vorelodos aerobic digester combines equipment, controls, and service, to offer a solution that ensures wastewater treatment plants meet regulations while reducing operational costs.

Meet regulations while saving money

By focusing on optimizing the operation of the aerobic digester, the Vorelodos solution provides:

  • Up to 90% reduction in nitrogen and phosphorus returned to the main treatment process
  • Wastewater treatment plant process stabilization through reduction of nutrient spikes to the main plant
  • Reuse of biosolids for agricultural purposes
  • Energy consumption in the aerobic digester reduced up to 90%
  • Lower chemical use due to alkalinity recovery and reduction in phosphorus return to main plant
  • Automated decanting to free up operations staffs’ time


System Components

System Components

Sanitaire Silver Series II LP Membrane Aeration

Xylem's Sanitaire Silver Series II LP membrane aeration system is used in aerobic digestion to maximize standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) and save energy.

The Sanitaire Silver Series II LP, a 9-inch low-pressure version of the Silver Series II membrane, is ideal for aerobic digestion applications. Each diffuser can handle airflow up to 17 Nm(3)/h (10 scfm), with minimal pressure loss. A highly effective, integrated check valve prevents plugging and enables aeration to be easily turned on and off for optimal process control and energy savings.

Sanitaire Decanter

Xylem’s Sanitaire Decanter is used to remove supernatant from aerobic digesters, enabling higher solids concentrations, smaller footprint, and lower capital costs. The automated decanter results in substantial labor savings over time compared to traditional manual digester decanters. Manufactured using rugged, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel construction, it decants from the top down, visibly withdrawing only the uppermost clear water from the basin. The decanter features an integrated floating scum baffle to ensure the supernatant is free from unwanted matter, and includes a variable frequency drive allowing for a range of decant speeds. It also provides ease of access and maintenance as the actuator and drive are mounted outside of the basin at walkway level. Additionally, the decanter acts as an emergency overflow device when not actively decanting as it is parked above top water level when not in operation.

Sanitaire OSCAR Process Performance Optimizer

OSCAR process performance optimizer is included with each aerobic digester solution ensuring smart control, process visibility and optimization. The OSCAR system includes a process control panel (PLC, HMI, Webport, etc.), YSI instrumentation (DO, ORP, NH4, NO3 and/or K), and process controllers (time-based control, DO control, ORP control, and/or DINO nutrient control). 

Flygt Sludge Pumps

Robust submersible Flygt pumps are included to provide reliable, low maintenance pumping of digested biosolids to downstream processes or disposal.

Flygt Mixers

Efficient Flygt submersible mixers (i.e. 4320 mixers) are provided to ensure proper mixing while minimizing maintenance and energy consumption. 


A diverse portfolio of blower technologies are available to suit any aeration need. These reliable, energy-efficient, and easy to maintain blowers optimize diffused aeration systems.



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Industries & Applications

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