Sanitaire Bioloop oxidation ditch

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Product Features
  • Energy efficient – can cut energy costs by up to 50% compared to oxidation ditch technology with mechanical aeration
  • Removes total nitrogen and total phosphorus
  • Simple tank construction
  • Reduced electrical installation costs and footprint
  • Adaptable to a wide range of flow and loading conditions
  • Fine bubble diffused aeration does not produce aerosol material, unlike mechanical aerators
  • Can easily replace mechanical aeration in existing oxidation ditch plants
  • Process performance guarantee available

Simplified, flexible process with reduced installation and operational costs

Combining Sanitaire diffused aeration, Flygt submersible mixing and overall process application, as well as instrumentation and process control from Sanitaire and YSI in both new and retrofit applications, Xylem’s Sanitaire Bioloop oxidation ditch delivers up to 50% better energy efficiency, while remaining adaptable to a wide range of flow and loading conditions. The process can also be designed to remove total nitrogen and total phosphorus. 

Xylem’s experienced design team can put together an optimized, flexible solution suited to both current and future treatment needs. Best of all, the process comes standard with all the long-term support that customer's have come to expect from Xylem and can be provided with a process performance guarantee.

Bioloop was specifically designed to reduce installation costs. With its simple tank construction, the process doesn’t require extensive loadbearing platforms and walkways. Motors contained in the blower area reduce electrical installation costs and the tank depth is not limited by a mechanical aerator/mixing system. Using deeper tanks provides for optimal diffused aeration transfer efficiency, and reduces the overall system footprint as well.

The Bioloop oxidation ditch can be designed with separate anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic zones, or with Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification (SNDN). Either option provides flexibility to accomplish reliable treatment, including nitrogen and phosphorus removal. Gentle mixing without excessive velocities ensures optimal biological floc formation. Standby air is provided so that even with one blower out of service, full treatment capacity is maintained.

Bioloop versus mechanical aeration

Mechanically aerated ditches use surface mixing, requiring high horizontal velocity to maintain solids suspension. This consumes excessive power at low-flow conditions. Xylem's Bioloop oxidation ditch uses dedicated mixing and aeration devices to provide flexibility that mechanical aeration/mixing systems can’t match. Bioloop gently mixes from the bottom, utilizing full floor aeration coverage.

Mechanical aeration systems utilize intensive energy at the air/water interface to drive the air into the water. Xylem's Bioloop diffused aeration offers reduced aerosols, less icing and misting, and significantly reduces odors.

Xylem's Bioloop oxidation ditch delivers up to 50% energy savings compared to mechanical systems. Achieving 7-9 lb. O2/bHP-hr compared to 3.0-3.5 lb. O2/BHP-hr for mechanical aeration systems. Coupled with efficient Flygt submersible mixing technology, Bioloop addresses energy efficiency concerns.

Bioloop also utilizes non-corrosive, rugged in-basin components, including Sanitaire diffused aeration systems and Flygt submersible mixers and pumps, both of which have been installed and proven at thousands of treatment plants worldwide. Blower systems can be located inside a building, minimizing outside maintenance requirements. The entire aeration system is easy to install and maintain, eliminating the need for heavy-duty cranes for service.

The Bioloop oxidation ditch is also continuously optimized with the help of Xylem's OSCAR process performance optimizer. OSCAR matches the precise amount of energy consumption to the dynamic treatment need, ensuring that just the right amount of energy is used. In addition, advanced features such as automated sludge age control (SIMS), ammonia control, reporting tools, and SCADA are available as well.



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Industries & Applications

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