Bell & Gossett Submersible Grinder Pump -15GDS (GXS), 20GDS (GXS)

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Product Features
  • Design: Capable of grinding municipal, commercial and industrial sewage
  • Cutter System: Designed to reduce sewage to a fine slurry
  • Impeller: Cast iron, semi-open, non-overloading multi-vane design with pump-out vanes for mechanical seal protection
  • Casing: Cast iron, volute type for high efficiency. Adaptable for slide rail system
  • Paint: Two coat paint system for superior surface protection
  • Float Leakage Sensor (FLS): a small internal float switch is used to detect the presence of water in the stator chamber. Standard on all models.
  • Leakage Sensor Detector Circuit: The FLS, when activated, will cause the patented 24 volt MiniCAS monitoring relay to signal an alarm and, if desired, stop the pump. The MiniCAS 24 volt relay can be ordered separately for installation in a control panel by a UL or CSA certified panel shop or as a built-in option in our control panel.

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