Flygt FSI Formed Suction Intake

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Product Features
  • Provides optimal inflow to a propeller pump
  • For pump stations with difficult inflow conditions
  • Minimized sump dimensions
  • For applications that are critical and for continuous operation


Propeller pumps need a well-controlled water inflow to achieve high performance and efficiency.

The Flygt FSI is an inlet device that provides optimal inflow to the propeller pump by gradually accelerating and redirecting the flow towards the pump inlet. Its primary function is to condition the incoming flow into a uniform profile without any swirl. The patented flared inlet dramatically reduces the flow separation into the inlet at lateral flow.

Ideal uses for the Flygt FSI:

  • When the station has adverse inflow conditions
  • When limited space is available for the pump station
  • For intakes with perpendicular or skewed inflow
  • For critical and continuous operation

The FSI allows the dimensions of the pump sump to be minimized. For more information, see Flygt Engineering & Expertise.


The FSI is installed under the discharge column pipe of the submersible Flygt PL propeller pump.

Made of steel, the Flygt FSI is available in sizes matching all Flygt PL propeller pumps.

It can be connected to the discharge column pipe with flanges or with a sliding joint, depending on the layout of the supporting structures in the pump station.

Column (L)

Column (L)

​​Column pipe, semi permanent, submersible pump installation. Wet pit arrangement with the pump installed inside the discharge pipe, automatically seated on a flange.​

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