Pump monitoring Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring System

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Product Features

• Early warnings from changes in current, temperature, leakage and vibration to reduce premature shutdowns 
• 10 separate warning parameters identify part wear and tear 
• Color HMI touchscreen ranging from 7” to 15” with up to 10 pumps side-by-side for quick station overview 
• Web tool with real-time access to pump data for easy handling, same great station overview and analysis from any device such as a tablet or phone 
• Signal cable eliminated, using screened and twisted lead pairs SUBCAB cable 
• Pump memory with factory set-points and pump id, simplifying installation and maintenance 
• Extensive black box incident recording associated with alarms 
• SCADA connectivity, openness and remote communication 
• Root cause suggestions help troubleshoot failures for faster system restarts


MAS 801 is designed to further enhance the outstanding reliability of a Flygt pump with 24/7 on-site overview of pump data and continuous station health check, to detect failures before they can do damage. As part of a complete Flygt pumping system, MAS helps reduce costs over a pump’s lifetime. With three-axis vibration, current, temperature and leakage measurements to alarm of deviating values, the operator is able to take early and preventive measures. The “black-box” sensor data linking the alarm items with logged data, provides a unique fault tracing feature. Power and communication signals combined through a single cable and the pre-configured pump memory with individual alarm set-points and asset data, facilitates startup and maintenance. 


MAS 801 measures, records and monitors different values that can be plotted or exported:

Standard monitoring 

  • Motor temperature 
  • Main bearing temperature 
  • Leakage monitoring in the stator housing and junction box 
  • Pump current in one phase 
  • Vibration in three-axis 
  • Running time & number of starts 

Optional monitoring 

  • Motor temperature in three phases 
  • Support bearing temperature 
  • Water in oil detection 

Optional power analyzer 

  • Pump current in three phases 
  • Current imbalance 
  • Voltage in three phases 
  • Voltage imbalance 
  • Power factor 
  • Power 
  • Energy (kW-hours)

Flygt MAS 801 is suitable for 3000, 5000 & 7000 series pumps.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools