Smith-Blair 411 Steel Couplings for Steel Pipe

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A bolted sleeve type coupling for joining plain end pipe of the same diameters.

Product Features
  • Meets applicable AWWA C219 Standards
  • Allows for limited expansion and contraction
  • Will dampen vibration to reduce pipe fatigue
  • Easy to install, no special pipe end preparation required
  • Available in a wide variety of pipe O.D. sizes and sleeve lengths
  • Most sizes will accommodate anchor studs to restrain the joints
  • Can be custom made to fit odd O.D.s or other unusual applications
  • Provided with or without pipe stops to accommodate customer needs
  • Has good deflection capabilities, allows change in piping direction without the need of elbows, bends
  • Steel sizes built to specific O.D. and Ductile Iron sizes are built with range to accommodate the variances in Ductile Iron pipe O.D.s

Smith-Blair Steel Couplings offer many distinct advantages when installed in a piping system. Properly selected and installed felxible couplings maintain the continuity of the pipe system, retain the line contents under internal pressure and prevent infiltration under vacuum. Our couplings consist of one cylindrical sleeve with conical inner surfaces at each end; two resilient, wedge-shaped, specially-compounded rubber gaskets; two ring-shaped followers and a set of high-strength, low-alloy track-head, oval-neck, rolled-thread bolts with heavy hex nuts.

Application: Joining plain end pipe without the need for welding or special pipe fittings.

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