Serving Our Customers

Our 2025 Customer Sustainability Goals are based on our customers’ needs to reduce non-revenue water, treat water for reuse, sewage overflow prevention and reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions. The goals are driven by customers who want to meet their environmental challenges while supporting the communities they serve. 

Together with our customers and other partners, we innovate to take on urgent water issues and develop break-through technologies and solutions that are reshaping the future of water.

P11-Icon-Scarcity_100x100_transparent.pngWater Scarcity – Millions of people around the world lack access to water. We transport, treat and test water to help make it safe and readily available to communities. We enable water reuse to create sustainable water sources for areas facing water scarcity.

P11-Icon-Resillence_100x100_transparent.pngResilience to Water Challenges – We help communities prepare, mitigate and recover from increasing incidences of severe weather, protecting local economies and ecosystems from flooding and sewer overflow pollution – and protecting lives.

P11-Icon-Affordability_100x100_transparent.pngWater Affordability – Delivering water is not always an efficient process and there can be a lot of water lost along the way. Our innovative solutions prevent lost water due to leaking infrastructure, faulty meters and unauthorized use and create key water, energy and cost savings.