MultiTrode Provides Reliable Stormwater Pump Controls


Zephyrhills is located in Pasco County, on a ridge that divides the Hillsborough River Basin from the Withlacoochee River Basin. Lake Zephyr, an integral part of the City’s stormwater drainage system, eventually flows south to the Hillsborough River. Although most of the City is drained by surface swales, their structural drainage system includes 2 retention ponds with pumps, emergency generators and force mains. The larger pond is East off US 301 and North of 6 Avenue. The smaller pond is West of 1 Street and South of 14 Avenue. Both ponds are almost completely utilized.

The Challenge

The larger stormwater pond acts as a reservoir, temporarily collecting surface water run-off from surrounding streets. Two large pumps transfer the water to Lake Zephyr, located approximately two miles from the collection area. Last year, level switches controlling the two 40 horsepower pumps failed and the water level rose high enough to cause flooding in surrounding streets and a fire station...

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