Historic Town Remedies FOG Problem, City of Branford, CT

Brandford Water Pollution Control Facility

Brandford, CT


Among the pump stations managed by Branford is a long-term problematic station located at Burban Street. There were two primary problems at this station: 1) clogging from modern day trash and raggy, stringy materials, and 2) fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from a nearby nursing home and restaurants, which accumulate and float on the water surface, resulting in a horrendous mess.


To solve these two nagging problems, pumping equipment at the Burban Street station was recently upgraded as part of a capital project, and Branford chose to use proven Flygt N technology pumps to eliminate clogging issues. Two Flygt NP 3171 HT model submersible pumps were installed, each capable of handling up to 1,300 gpm and 63 feet of total dynamic head. These pumps feature explosion proof 34-horsepower motors and high chrome impellers. The pumps are also more efficient than their predecessors, which will save Branford money by reducing energy costs.


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