Boat Ventilation Systems

Everything you need to get rid of fumes, odors and heat

When your boat is running hard, the engine can create a tremendous amount of heat, which is why your marine engine room ventilation system plays such a critical role. Boat engine blowers are designed to push this hot air out of the engine room, and boat engine vents can be positioned in strategic locations to help cool the engine room off after the boat has arrived at its destination. Marine ventilation systems are also used to remove fumes and circulate air in bilges, engine compartments, galleys and heads.

Jabsco and Rule high-output marine blowers have a long tradition of innovation and effectively remove fumes and odors from different areas of a boat. For commercial or high-use engine rooms, Jabsco heavy-duty flangemount blowers have been designed to meet the continuous demands of heavy ventilation and extraction applications. Featuring corrosion-resistant materials throughout, dimensionally stable, quiet-running Delrin rotors, and a 5,000-hour motor life, Jabsco blowers have an outlet flange that mounts directly to a bulkhead.

Jabsco flexmount blowers are built to the same high specification as the heavy-duty flangemount blowers and are ideal for air intake or extraction systems in engine rooms, fuel compartments, galleys or heads. The flex mounting allows these pumps to be rotated inside the collar to allow the shortest ducting lengths and most convenient routings in confined spaces.

For smaller boats, Rule compact inline blowers provide ventilation for bilges, engine compartments, galleys and heads. Designed for efficient, high output operation, these blowers feature our exclusive front and rear shaft seals and corrosion-resistant motor housings for long life. Easily installed on any flat surface, Rule In-Line Blowers provide higher airflow and lower amp draw.

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