Oil Change System for Boats

Protecting your engine for over 80 years

From engines, drives, and gear cases to generators, boats have a lot of lubricant that needs changing. There's nothing more frustrating than spilling oil all over your floorboards while changing the oil in your engine, which is why you need a boat motor oil change pump to make this critical process easy and efficient. Whether you prefer a manual marine oil pump that you can store away or a permanently installed electric marine oil pump, Jabsco has the right oil change pump for your boat.

Featuring a powerful Jabsco self-priming flexible impeller pump, a reversing switch, our complete onboard oil change system and our Porta-Quick, DIY, and Flat Tank portable oil changers can replace the oil in a typical V-8 engine in just minutes – making onboard changes quick and clean. Both products comply with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE (Ignition Protected). 

For smaller vessels, the Jabsco Handy Boy and Little Pal utility pumps provide a convenient, affordable solution. These versatile, oil- and corrosion-resistant multi-purpose hand pumps have been designed to help you reach drain plugs and filler caps to quickly drain, fill or top off engine and gearbox oil. In addition to oil, these sturdy brass and neoprene pumps can pump other fluids on a boat, including coolant, bilge water, and diesel.

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