Condition Assessment Services

Make intelligent decisions in rehabilitating or replacing your critical pipe network assets

At Xylem, we help customers accurately evaluate the current state of their pipe infrastructure to provide them highly reliable condition and operating data. This data, coupled with our extensive experience and project execution capabilities, allows us to provide customers with actionable information to rehabilitate their pipe networks in a cost-effective manner.

Technology and Expertise 

With a dedicated Center of Excellence for advancing technologies related to pipe condition assessment and lead detection capabilities, Xylem is a leader in the inspection, monitoring and management of critical water and wastewater infrastructure for more than 20 years. Utilities and industries across Europe have benefited from our technology and expertise to make informed decisions about their infrastructure. 

Intelligent Asset Management to optimize capital expenditure and conserve your water resources

Leveraging advanced sensing tools and tailored inspection platforms for water and wastewater infrastructure, Xylem's extensive project implementations across the world allow us to accurately identify leaks and potential structural weaknesses and to continuously monitor your critical pipes and mains. We help you make intelligent asset management decisions and effectively reduce your annual invetsment plan towards pipe renovation and rehabilitation. Addressing real water losses in pressurized distribution networks with accurate leak detection not only help you save water resources but also optimize your energy use in water production and distribution.

Pipeline Condition Assessment

Condition-Assessment.jpgXylem's pipeline condition assessment services can shed more light on the health of your most critical pipe infrastructure.

Xylem's solutions can address the needs of both metallic and concrete pipes in water main networks and sewer rising mains.

The assessment approach includes a preliminary analysis for the selection of the specific technology, the pipe assessment for the detection of defects and gas pockets that are sources of failure, and finaly a risk assessment for the evaluation of main failure and its consequences.  

Featured technology: PipeDiver

Inline Leak Detection

AS_PureTech_IMG_SmartBall in Foam Shell 2.jpgXylem's inline leak detection solutions can accurately locate leaks in your water transmission mains by bringing the sensor at the source of the leak.

Identifying leaks and their severity can help prioritize the most critical sections in need of urgent attention as operators cannot afford to shut down the service completely and excavate large portions of a city street to search for suspected leaks.

The accuracy of inline leak detection can effectively reduce shutdown and excavation times, allowing operators to carry out fiscally responsible and efficient repair projects.

Featured technology: SmartBall, Sahara

24x7 Pipe Condition Monitoring

AS_PureTech_IMG_AFO Cable 1.jpg

Xylem's acoustic fiber optic technology allows for continuous monitoring of prestressed concrete cylinder pipes (PCCP) to identify critical issues in real-time, thereby enabling network operators to take prompt corrective action to prevent failures.

The monitoring system is able to identify wire wrap breaks, alerting asset managers when there is an unacceptable increase in activity that could lead to pipe failure.

Xylem's transient pressure monitoring analyses the operating pressure in a pipeline to understand the system hydraulics and the effect of pressure surges. 

Featured technology: SoundPrint® AFO