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Multi 3410 Digital Multiparameter Meters



Product Features
  • Unique intelligent single parameter sensors
  • Meters auto recognize sensors and show appropriate display
  • High resolution color display
  • Convenient data transfer via USB-Stick

The Digital Multiparameter meters are ideal for portable field measurements.  You can choose between single, dual, or triple channel digital multiparameter meters.  The multi channel digital multiparameter meters allow you to connect pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, or ORP electrodes to it in any combination, including multiple sensors of the same type.  Each digital multiparameter meter has a field proven waterproof housing and a robust waterproof keypad for easy cleaning.  The digital multiparameter meter's keypad has error free operation even if you are wearing gloves.  The digital multiparameter meters also feature a waterproof quick-lock sensor connector.  All digital multiparameter meters come with rubber armoring for field use. 


The digital multiparameter meters have a built in datalogger with 10,000 data sets available for storage.  Convenient filter functions in the digital multiparameter meter's software to allow easy output of user defined data.  The digital multiparameter meters support good laboratory practice (GLP) compliant data.  A USB interface allows you to directly transfer data from the digital multiparameter meter to a USB stick or selected printers.  A mini USB interface is also available for direct data transfer to PCs or for firmware updates to the digital multiparameter meters. 

Digital Multiparameter Meter Display
The digital multiparameter meters offer a brilliant high resolution color display that will simultaneously display one, two, or three parameters depending on the number of channels the meter supports.  The display also displays important maintenance and measuring information for the digital multiparameter meters, such as the connector position being used for a specific sensor.  The digital multiparameter meters support continuous measurement control (CMC) by displaying the calibration range of the sensor and a graphical representation of the current pH value. 


Digital Multiparameter Meter IDS Sensors
The new intelligent digital sensors (IDS) combine proven technology with new advantages.  Each IDS sensor has an individual serial number stored digitally in its memory.  This code allows each IDS sensor to logon to the digital multiparameter meter when it is connected.  You can then access the stored calibration history of the IDS sensor from the digital multiparameter meter.  The digital multiparameter meters communicate with a fail-safe digital signal transfer method over several different cable lengths.  The IDS sensor's direct signal processing contributes to extremely precise measurement readings by the digital multiparameter meter. 

The digital multiparameter meters feature quality sensor control (QSC) to benchmark the current condition of the IDS pH sensor.  The QSC allows the digital multiparameter meter to validate the starting values of the pH sensor with an initial calibration using precision pH buffers.  The digital multiparameter meters compare each following calibration with the initial calibration information stored in the digital pH sensor.  Then the digital multiparameter meter shows a comprehensive graphical representation of the sensor quality. 

The digital multiparameter meter's two IDS conductivity sensors cover all applications from pure water to highly conductive solutions.  The FDO 925 IDS, optical DO electrode is an extremely fast and precise instrument. 

Digital Multiparameter Meter Data Transfer
The MultiLab Importer software allows you to easily transfer stored data from your digital multiparameter meter to your computer.  Simply install the software and open Microsoft® Excel.  You will see a new toolbar designed for data acquisition from your digital multiparameter meters.  The software allows your digital multiparameter meter to transfer either measured data values from memory or continuous data readings during operation.  You can also transfer calibration records from your digital multiparameter meter to be displayed as a text field in the Excel spreadsheet.  All of the digital multiparameter meter's data is displayed in table form on an Excel spreadsheet. 

Digital Multiparameter Meter Multi User Software
With this software you can define up to 50 users or 50 measuring locations for your digital multiparameter meter with password protection.  The MultiLab® user software has to be installed on a PC or a laptop in order to setup the users/measuring locations and transfer them to the digital multiparameter meters.  In the digital multiparameter meter the user/locations can be selected and passwords can be set.  The PC connection must be used to make changes to your user/location information or to switch the feature on or off.  All user/location data is be stored in the digital multiparameter meter.  To use this software with your digital multiparameter meter you must have your meter's firmware upgraded to version 2.10 or higher.