Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system

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  • Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system
  • Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system
  • Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system
  • Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system
  • Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system


Product Features
  • Consistent, on-demand inline performance
  • Capable of infusing nitrogen and CO2
  • Small mounting envelope
  • Simple connections and easy set up
  • Supports integrated faucet or remote python fed dispense
  • Range of system configurations to support your infusion and dispense needs
  • NSF 18 compliance

Infusing gas into beverages plays a critical role in their taste and texture, which is why the Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system delivers that familiar, consistent experience beverage manufacturers promise and consumers expect.

OEMs can integrate this breakthrough inline gas infusion technology into a wide range of beverage dispensing systems, and with its small footprint, reliable performance, and ease of operation, the N-Fuser solves some of dispensing's biggest challenges. Additionally, customers can also add additional components to their system to meet specific customer needs, including pumps, vacuum switches, and pressure switches.

The N-Fuser inline gas infusion system can be used to make nitro coffee, sparkling water, sparkling wine, sparkling juice, and more.

Consistent On-Demand, In-Line Performance

While the output of batch carbonation can fluctuate, the Flojet N-Fuser inline gas infusion system delivers instant carbonation with precise and repeatable results. It has been engineered to infuse either CO2 or nitrogen into a dispensing system on demand and at the desired level for consistent drink-to-drink performance.

Ease of Installation and Operation

In a busy coffee shop or convenience store, the focus needs to be on the customers – not the beverage equipment. The Flojet N-Fuser is simple to control and requires no onsite adjustment, while its innovative design can easily be cleaned, even when infusing a range of different beverage types, including dairy.

Small Footprint for Tight Spaces

Whether it's a small barista environment or a crowded convenience store, space is increasingly limited. With its compact size, the on-demand N-Fuser helps OEMs support various customer configurations, from front-of-the-house, on-demand applications to fully integrated system control for high-volume retailers.

Unrivaled Flojet Beverage Dispense Expertise

There's a reason the world's top beverage brands and equipment OEMs count on Flojet to deliver a consistent experience pour after pour. With over 45 years of demonstrated experience in the beverage dispensing market, we understand this highly competitive industry and can help you take advantage of new trends while solving existing challenges.

Model Numbers

  • INF000100100B
  • INF000104100B
  • INF000501108B
  • INF001004100B
  • INF200601110B
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Industries & Applications

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