The innovative N-technology revolutionized wastewater pumping with sustained high efficiency and self-cleaning pump operation, thereby enabling lower total cost of ownership. 

N-technology gives you the option to customize your pump solution by choosing cast iron, Hard-Iron, Stainless steel or chopper hydraulics to meet your specific requirements for reliable operation. Flygt's N-Technology enables you to achieve substantial energy savings, often a minimum of 25% compared to a conventional channel impeller pump.

The semi-open N-impeller and the relief groove work together to achieve self-cleaning ability. The N-impeller vanes with back swept leading edges, together with the guide pin, sweep solids away from the center to the perimeter of the inlet. When the solids get to the perimeter of the inlet, they get collected inside the relief groove and slide along the tip of the impeller vane and out of the pump.

In our quest for improvement, we worked further on increasing the reliability of the world’s best wastewater hydraulics. The result is the Flygt Adaptive N™ hydraulics, proof that the best can get even better!

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