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Damascus Gate restaurant

Damascus City, Syria

Application: Municipal Water Supply

Tourism differs around the globe, but always meets somewhere by sharing similarities. Damascus city, is known to be one of the oldest city in the world surrounded by a wall and have seven main gates. A new project was introduced to the Syrian tourism by opening a large restaurant under the name of “Damascus Gate”.

The restaurant is divided into four cuisines, the Syrian, Chinese, Indian and of course the Italian. Each having its own unique environment according to its origin. The restaurant is believed to be about 20,000 square meter with a capacity of 5500 to 6000 guest. The average usage of water for the project was 10,000 cubic meter per hour.

Hassan Daadouch co, the official distributor for Lowara pump since 1980, has contributed in the development of the infrastructure of the project by implementing and installing more than 115 Lowara pump, covering most of Lowara product range. Lowara proved its self as an effective pump in the Syrian market, by its durability and efficiency.