Process Water - Slurry Pumping, Treatment & Testing Systems

Minimize water and energy use with Xylem mining process water solutions
Water-intensive processes for cleaning and preparing extracted minerals offer significant opportunities to increase efficiency and cost savings. Xylem goes beyond water pumps for mining to offer you a smarter, holistic approach. We combine reliable process water technologies in new ways to minimize water and energy use for leaching and cleaning. And our advanced mine water quality solutions optimize testing and treatment.

Maintain uptime with tough water pumps for mining.
Our heavy-duty submersible and slurry pumps range from 1.8 hp to 140 hp, with proven capabilities to handle the toughest pumping jobs. And innovative Xylem hydraulics provide unmatched wear resistance for minimal downtime and lowest cost of ownership.
Enhance system performance with heat exchangers.
Our complete range of heat transfer technologies delivers decades of reliability to critical mining process water applications. Whether you need pre-engineered or custom TEMA shell & tube, brazed or gasketed plate, or air-cooled heat exchangers, we can help you evaluate, select and install the right solution.
Rely on proven leaching technology.
Xylem offers pumps and treatment equipment designed for use in leaching processes, including analytical instrumentation to monitor the process. Our solutions meet widely varying pumping requirements, optimize energy use, and support precise process water control.
Meet regulatory standards with cyanide detection.
Easy-control cyanide processing solutions ensure you meet strict effluent requirements. For example, our online cyanide analyzer measures available cyanide in precious metal leaching, detoxification and tailings solutions, providing superior accuracy and tighter control of cyanide use and costs. Additional solutions include ozone treatment systems for cyanide destruction, and instrumentation that measures mine water quality and flow.

Striking gold with online cyanide detection
See how the Veladero Gold Mine in Argentina uses Xylem online cyanide analysis in a forward-thinking approach to cyanide use, treatment and containment. Then contact Xylem to discuss your application.


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