Around the world, Wedeco UV disinfection and ozone systems are helping companies and utilities improve the quality of their effluent, save energy and reuse water. In 2016, Wedeco celebrates 40 years of delivering sustainable water treatment technologies. Read how customers from Singapore to Los Angeles are benefitting from this pioneering technology.

Founded in Herford, Germany in 1976, Xylem’s Wedeco brand offers customers an alternative to environmentally harmful disinfection chemicals. Today there are more than 250,000 Wedeco UV disinfection and ozone oxidation systems operating worldwide in private, public utility and industrial applications.

“Wedeco’s 40 years represent a rich history at the forefront of innovation in the global water and wastewater market,” says Sven Baldig, Managing Director at Wedeco. “Xylem’s Wedeco brand has transformed the industry by drastically reducing the carbon footprint of water treatment plants around the world with highly-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly technologies.”

Wedeco technologies help operators achieve their required water effluent quality while delivering optimal performance, reliable operations and substantial energy savings. Wedeco’s MiPRO AOP, UV and ozone disinfection solutions are also playing a pivotal role in Xylem’s effort to support water reuse.