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Quality pumps for Australian Conditions

Lowara has been providing European quality water transfer solutions for Australian consumers for over 30 years. Founded in 1968 and based in Montecchio Maggiore, Italy, Lowara has been serving customers and users of pumps in various sectors across the globe. Learning from our customers, investing in new technology and innovation is what has driven Lowara to develop class leading solutions with a focus on efficiency, safety, serviceability and longevity across a vast range of applications.

Whether it be residential, irrigation or commercial building services, you can be certain your Lowara pump will be up to the task at hand.



Residential Homeowners

Helping you Manage your Water Cycle at Home

Lowara’s range of domestic pressure boosting and drainage pumps include the same state-of-the-art materials and technologies used in our commercial pumps that are tailored to your needs providing reliable and repeatable performance. Technology such as variable frequency drive controllers provide constant comfort, reliability and safety combined with leading energy efficiency. Whenever you’re doing the laundry, giving the kids a bath or watering the garden, you can be confident in a continuous flow of water from your Lowara pump. Lowara offers safe high-quality products and solutions for residential homeowners such as:

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Agriculture and Irrigation

Solving your water challenges, whatever the source

Lowara’s market leading pumps offer heavy duty, energy efficient pumping solutions for the agricultural industry no matter whether your water is coming from dams, rivers or bores etc. Lowara has a long history in Australia providing quality and economical solutions for agricultural applications and processes for crop irrigation and livestock, our pumps are proven to handle the toughest conditions while being the most energy efficient on the market. Working with Lowara through our knowledgeable distributor and dealer network whom can provide innovative engineered solutions for even the most complex of applications will help you achieve greater productivity, reduced life-cycle costs and meet the needs of modern agricultural demands. Lowara offers safe high-quality products and solutions for farms such as:

  • Z-Series (high durability borehole pumps)
  • e-SV (Multistage), ISO and NSC (End Suction) pumps and multi-pump booster packages for water transfer and irrigation

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Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Full portfolio covering all building services

Lowara offers market leading pumping solutions for water supply, pressure boosting, rainwater harvesting, drainage, sewage, irrigation and HVAC suited to residential and commercial applications. Whether it be managing groundwater for construction, transferring water and wastewater through buildings or elaborate irrigation systems, Lowara has a range of reliable energy efficient, compliant and safe solutions that are designed with ease of install and servicing in mind. Couple that with a vast and knowledgeable national dealer network, you can have the right product at the right time with the right service. We aim to make your transaction efficient and risk free so you can focus on serving your customers.  

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Lowara Product Range

For your convenience we have created a product catalogue to view our range and specifications.

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