• Protect Your Watershed Event

    Educate yourself and others and take action to preserve our precious water resources!

Join the Watershed Bingo Challenge!

Let’s educate ourselves and others, and take action to preserve our precious water resources! 

Participate in activities such as invasive species removal, river clean-ups, education events with local schools, storm drain labeling, native species plantings, webinar viewings, trivia and more. With your actions, you’ll activate donations to our nonprofit partner EarthEcho International.

Are you up for the challenge? Grab a trash bag, a shovel, or even your phone, and get started. 

How can you get involved?

  • Download your personal Bingo Card here or by clicking the board below.
  • Complete an activity to cross it off on your board.  
  • Along the way, share photos and stories to social media with #WatershedMoment and #XylemWatermark

What is a watershed?

watershed is the land area that drains into a given body of water. A drop of water that falls within a watershed always ends up in a particular waterbody such as a river, bay or ocean.

Why is it important?

Watersheds supply the water bodies that provide habitat to wildlife, and that we use for drinking water, agriculture, manufacturing, recreation, and more.

unhealthy watersheds (1).png

resized_watershed image (1).jpg

Source: The Nature Conservancy, UC Davis