Creating a white-water ride



Creating an artificial white water channel for water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and rafting by pumping 3 m3/s (48,000 US gpm) per pump at a height of 7 m (24 ft).


The operating mode provided the simultaneous use of three or four pumps with a fifth as a backup. We supplied five Flygt PL 7101 pumps rated at 300 kW each. When the channel was not used for racing, two Flygt LL 3300 pumps rated at 27 kW each handled a flow of 0.25 m3/s (4,000 US gpm). Due to the complexity of maneuvering the system and controlling pumps in conjunction with other equipment in the water channel, we also provided a Flygt pump controller to manage all these devices. Flygt has designed propeller pump stations for thousands of installations around the world. Engineering expertise and years of experience have resulted in the success of these installations.