Compact stormwater pump station



Placement of a new stormwater pump station in a 10 m x 5 m (32 × 18 ft) area between two roads and a hotel in one mid-western state’s major cities. Close proximity to three rivers, snow melting during the springtime and heavy rainfall during the summer posed flooding risks to the area.

A compact stormwater station with excellent hydraulics within the limited space using Flygt propeller pumps and Flygt Formed Suction Intake devices. Each pump is rated 280 HP and designed to pump 2 m3/s (31,600 US gpm) at 7 m (22 ft) TDH. Thanks to the use of the Flygt FSI devices, the station was able to handle 22 cm (9 in.) of rainfall in a single day. The station is so compact that it can accommodate an additional pump should expansion be necessary in the future.