6951 Pontoon - Vertical Profiling System

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Product Features

Vertical Profiling Systems

Available in three different deployment configurations - Fixed, Pontoon, and Buoy - YSI Profiler Systems provide reliable, fully-automated data collection.

  • Submersible enclosure for electronics
  • Compatible with all EXO or 6-series sondes equipped with depth
  • User-selectable sample intervals
  • Profile Wizard software for easy set-up and deployment.

Based Configurations Feature:

  • Submersible, water-tight enclosure for control electronics
  • Optional depth sounder which automatically compensates for varying water levels from tides, resevoirs levels, etc.
  • Uses top and bottom as reference points for software controlled positioning
  • Profiles up and down and parks at any depth
  • Redundant error recovery logic detects unexpected activity and recovers automatically

Applications Include:

  • Drinking Water Reservoirs: water quality, homeland security, salinity, DO, pH
  • Research: upwelling events, open water
  • General Monitoring: lakes, rivers, estuaries

The YSI 6951 Pontoon Vertical Profiling System offers user-programmable sample intervals, redundant error recovery logic that detects unexpected activity and recovers automatically, and is compatible with all YSI EXO and 6-Series sondes equipped with depth.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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