Bell & Gossett Pressure Booster – Constant Speed Model 70M – Obsolete

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What is it?
It is a constant speed booster pump package. Typically utilizes 1531 closed coupled vertical mounted pumps.
But this custom package is flexible to use any type of pumps manufactured by B&G. Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and up to six constant speed parallel pumps can be handled with Technologic constant speed panel.

Flows to 2000+ and pressures to 300 PSIG. Hydropneumatic tanks can be mounted on skid or shipped loose.

How does it work?
The system can be enabled to run automatically from the keypad, or remotely via “dry contact”, or serial communication. Depending upon the water demand, the pumps stage on and off to main a constant pressure in the building, using one of the 5 staging methods, namely; power, amps, pressure, flow and temperature. PRVs (pressure regulating valves) are installed at discharge of each pump to maintain the required pressure.

Why use it?
To boost pressure of incoming city water and of the available hot water to meet the flow and head requirements through the day and night.

Typical application
Typical application include: Large institutions, hospitals and prisons, schools, large and small residential and commercial buildings

Selection Process
Selection of pumps, headers, and pressure reducing valves is done through ESP- PLUS. Quotes are generated using the pricing tool ESP-REP.

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