Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Buoy

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Perfect Solution for Collecting Environmental Data in Coastal Areas

The Aanderaa MOTUS (movement in Latin) Buoy is a perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal areas. The platform used for collecting data is a robust buoy which has proven to be an excellent platform for providing high accuracy and reliable meteorological and oceanographic data.

The wave buoy can effectively combine various Hydrological and Meteorological parameters. Basic parameters as wind, waves and currents can easily be expanded to include sensor packages with different water quality sensors. Data is controlled and synchronized by the data management systems that Xylem Analytics offers which also controls and powers the real-time communication. This provides a low power efficient system offering long-term deployment capabilities.

Product Features

Measure accurate wave characteristics with the flexibility of a Met Ocean (ODAS) buoy

  • High sampling rate and mechanical dampening, ensuring low noise
  • Compensate for buoy wave response, off-center placement of sensor and payloads by configurable settings
  • Distinguish direction of swells and wind driven waves

Get more from one system

  • Current profile with intelligent compensation for movement
  • Full suite of water quality parameters with anti-fouling
  • Wide range of meteorology and 3rd party sensors
  • Extendable with Navigational Aids and AIS

Maximize up time

  • Real-time data management and display system with GeoView
  • Get the support you need with Xylem product experts in your region
  • On-board processing of wave parameters resulting in lower demands for bandwidth and power

The MOTUS Wave Buoy combines the ultra-low power and field proven solutions we have from developing oceanographic and water quality sensors.

We have 60 years of experience operating in the industry providing you with an optimal platform based on the buoy, a rugged lightweight polyethylene buoy deployed in more than 40 countries all over the world. By selecting Xylem as your partner in your projects, you are on track for the lowest overall cost of ownership and a versatile platform that can be tailored to your needs.

Applications of the MOTUS Wave Buoy:

The MOTUS Buoy is developed for both scientific and commercial use.

  • Navigation safety
  • Prediction and modelling
  • Dredging
  • Oil & Gas
  • Offshore wind


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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