At Singapore International Water Week (SIWW), Xylem is showcasing its advanced technologies that help solve complex water management challenges. This includes Xylem’s end-to-end platform of intelligent solutions that can dramatically enhance the productivity of operations and help utilities address water affordability.

The platform was established following the completion of more than $2 billion in acquisitions including Sensus, Visenti, Pure Technologies, EmNet, Hypack and Valor Water Analytics. Xylem’s new platform of intelligent, data-driven solutions can help utilities in Asia “solve” water by transforming how they manage their assets and delivering a demonstrated return on their investments, which ultimately enables them to provide greater value to the communities they serve.

Xylem product launches and demonstrations in Singapore

Xylem presented multiple solutions at SIWW to help build Asia’s resilience to natural disasters like flooding and unprecedented stormwater volumes, in addition to ongoing management of water and wastewater operations.

The company unveiled a new series of Godwin FP Dri-Prime flood protection pumps, certified by insurance firm FM Global for flood protection, with optional Field Smart Technology – the first-in-industry telemetry and wireless technology that provides smart remote monitoring and control of the pump from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Xylem also presented its recently launched Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump – the smart solution for water and the first in the new Godwin S Series that lowers total cost of ownership with service time reduced by 40 percent and emissions cut by 90 percent. In addition, the company hosted a seminar on its new Stormwater Management handbook.

Xylem also launched Flygt Concertor to the Asia market, the world’s first wastewater pumping system featuring integrated intelligence. The solution, launched previously in the U.S. and Europe, is significantly advancing the sustainability of the wastewater pumping sector by delivering unparalleled pumping efficiency and reliability, as well as a lower overall cost of ownership. Visitors to Xylem’s exhibition space at SIWW have the opportunity to explore Concertor’s features through a virtual reality experience.

Xylem executives discuss a smarter water future

Xylem executives are also participating in key panel discussions and workshops focused on accelerating innovative solutions for a smarter, more resilient water future. The company has been one of the founding sponsors of SIWW since 2008, and has a strong presence in Singapore, with a local office that serves as a regional headquarters to drive the company’s growth in South East Asia. The company works with leading businesses and municipalities regionally, including Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB.

This year, Xylem President and CEO Patrick Decker participated in the Water Leaders Summit, the pillar event at SIWW, at which government officials, world organizations, and industry leaders convene with the common goal of addressing global water challenges through policymaking and thought leadership. The session, “Getting Ready for a Digital Revolution”, explored how stakeholders within the water, automation and data management and security sectors can work together to accelerate the migration to smart water infrastructure.

“The water industry is in the early days of a major transformation, as the urgent need to address challenges like water scarcity, flood prevention, and non-revenue water are met with an abundance of available data and new technology-enabled solutions,” Decker said. “SIWW provides a valuable platform for industry leaders to collaborate and advance these critical solutions and explore new business models to address the needs of a growing global population. Xylem looks forward to contributing to this dialogue and embracing new approaches to help solve the major water challenges of our time.”

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